A Poem: Flipper is John Wayne Gacy in Disguise

I’m writing a poetry collection, I’m considering self-publishing. This is the kind of poetry I write. Tell me what You think.

Flipper is John Wayne Gacy in disguise

Dolphins are the perfect killers

Everyone trusts their smiles

They’re painted pink on little girl’s notebooks

They’re made heroes on television shows

Sharks are the villains, which dolphins always murder in cold blood to save

The helpless man floating on driftwood

The shark isn’t at fault though

He’s hungry, he’s mistaken the man as a seal

Most often they avoid the shallow water.

He’s been starving

Dolphins have a choice

They see things clearer than sharks!

They recognize the difference between men and animals

An intelligence compared with psychopaths

They kill the shark and then drag the man under

Not to play

They know exactly what they’re doing

This is murder

They keep the man underwater till his lungs burst and his eyes roll back

They’re the real villains of the sea

If they had the ability they’d build gas chambers

They’d tie women to railroad tracks and drive trains over them

They’d run for office and lobby for wars to increase their oil profits

They’d visit the homes of the widows seduce them and leave them with their bastard children to raise alone

They’re the original devil worshipers

Created by Satan to kill creativity by mediocritizing the imagination through lame art of them swimming

Thomas Kinkaid’s favorite subject

Paint them shinning with a deception comparable to fallen angels

Demons disguised as messengers of light

The false message in Disney films

The singing purple dinosaurs of children’s programming

The bouncing british nonsense costumed in brightly colored fat suits to pacify babes with their gobble di gook

A boring cartoon character mouse institutionalizing racism

They have no souls


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