Poem: Icon of the Cold War

This is a poem from my new poetry collection. Hope you enjoy it.

Icon of the Cold War

Now I have become death, destroyer of worlds.

A thought in the burning cloud of Oppenheimer

An attempt to kill G-d on the trinity testing ground

Radioactive men fathering the new Nephilim

They melt out of their mother’s wombs

Born of rape

Raised in murder

Fostered to break every commandment

Hailed as gods by the awed, confused of their glow as a holy light

Lies of progress used to install fearful boredom

Soviet anxieties are good for the military lobbying their business

It’s easier to sell bullets and bombs when ghouls are around every corner ready to destroy your way of life

Pantomimed creations flickering on and off in your living rooms

Entering your nightmares

Convincing your suburb is on the edge of Armageddon waiting to fall in

It is here Shiva crucifies Jesus

The Atomic Christ

His body broken in Hiroshima

His blood poured out in Nagasaki

Existential angst felt in the nuclear soil

Family lineages of cancer herded into Wicker-Men to re-enact the deluge of fire

Satan laughs in his congress

A senate of tiny devils dance in graveyards

Amongst their macabre celebration

After all the bloodletting and sadomasochism

The stone rolls away

Christ walks out of his tomb with Shiva’s head in his hand

The music stops

The monsters run away

Death conquered in his death

All that is done in the light of oblivion and the dismal dark that follows

Will be judged on his throne


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