Hymns and Icons, Where does poetry come from? On Writing a Poetry Collection

Where does poetry come from? Think for a while won’t you? It’s not physically located anywhere. It’s not on the moon or the surface of the sun. It’s not underground forming under intense pressure like a diamond. Does it erupt like lava? The answer is clearly no.

Poetry is a need to express yourself in words. It comes from lonely days in your room. It comes from being tackled hard on the football field. It comes from laying in the grass in springtime rolling around in dandelions. You feel grateful or you’re depressed. You get out your Johnny Depp pirates of the Caribbean notebook and write it all down. It’s written in moleskines in coffee shops. It’s during college lectures, where you should be really paying attention. It’s a span of three, five years of writing stuff that will probably go nowhere. You have no plans. They’re just there and you stare at them and say, “hey that’s not too bad”. Then you perform them and people look at you like, “What’s your problem bro?”. And all you can say is, “I’ll read another poem. That may explain the madness.”

I’m excited to say all this poetry has been collected and is available on Amazon. If you want to read what comes out of a coffee stained, weather beaten moleskin that has been dropped on the dirty, dirty street too many times then come check this out.

Here’s the link. Enjoy.



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