Are we Voices in the Dark? [G-d] in the Modern World

In an age of radical skepticism with so much information with so little trust of how much of it’s factually true, how are we to arrive at a conclusion about [G-d]? There are websites upon websites with hundreds of articles with arguments built upon claims that have been thought out in earnest. Their sincerity though doesn’t substantiate their claims. In most part people in a frustration with their search stop with the practical. This seems like it will work to get me through the day. The question surrounding that approach though is how long will it last if you don’t believe it’s true? The reply in some cases I don’t know, I don’t care, quite bothering me.

This isn’t a full comprehensive answer to the question above, it’s more of a suggestion. In our general experience I’d say there is a need for the transcendent. We look on the world, see what takes place and say, “there must be more than this”. We look to things to make meaningful interpretations  of reality. Yet those “things”, “rationality” “Empiricism” “pragmatism” “relationships” “power” “money” are constructs of things we experience. We in essence deify things we find in reality in order to find transcendence rather than finding transcendence. What is something outside of me that can inform me the truth of these experiences?

The christian narrative is that [G-d] became a man seeing all the confusion that humanity was having about him in order to bring them to a correct understanding about his nature. That the transcendent became a “thing” in reality. Something we can see, taste, touch in order to understand transcendence. That we may understand [G-d] and know him and therefore understand the world.

In this age people feel like voices in the dark crying out for truth finding none and trying to satisfy themselves with things that can’t satisfy that longing for the transcendent. I submit that Jesus Christ satisfies that longing. I’d ask if you’d start that search to see if it’s true. Ask him to show up in your life and I’m sure he will.


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