Promoting a Poetry Book

When I started writing poems, all I could think of was. “This is going to make me so much money! I’m going to be able to throw Benjamin Franklins off my roof and make it rain!” I didn’t think that. Poetry isn’t a lucrative industry. It’s not like the current poet laureate lives in a mansion filled with swimming pools. It’s more for the love of poetry. The act of writing itself that makes you do it. Wanting people to read it is another thing all together. Most aspiring writers are terrified of what people may say or think when they read their writing. They’ve laid themselves bare on text and now they’re opening themselves up to scrutiny. Who wants that?

Well, if you want to grow as a writer you’re going to have to do that. You’re going to have to let someone else read your work and let them be honest with their feedback. The good news for you is I don’t really have those hangups…..anymore. So, if you’re interested in reading some of my poetry. It’ll be free for the next five days on amazon if you’d like to read it.

Here’s the link


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