Editing a Novel: a Reflection on Laziness and Getting Out of the Cycle

Editing my first novel is a reminder of my laziness. There’s a million other things that I’d rather do than edit. Most of them consist of watching whatever nonsense interests me on the internet. The thing is nothing ever gets done. I just never admit that to myself. I say I’ll get around to it. I say I will do something. It’s lazy river thinking. That I will reach my destination by laying back and letting the current take me there. It never happens. The river just goes in circles. Elves don’t come over to write my novel while I’m sleeping. It just sits there unfinished.

I’m starting to get out of this rut. The first thing to do is to be honest about what’s keeping you from editing or writing or anything really. It’s all the things that distract you. I’ve been starting my day binge watching t.v. programs and that becomes the theme of the day. T.V. watching. Computer gazing. Netflix marathons. Youtube distractions. And at the end of it all I feel worse and that I wasted my time.

I’ve started out my day with something else. I wake up and pray. I read the bible. I think of what I want to accomplish and write it down on a list. It doesn’t have to be a lot of things just things that you know you can finish today.

Then I go about doing the things that I’ve listed. At the end of it all at the day’s end. I feel like I accomplished something. The lesson learned, beware binge watching things. Watching things you know are a waste of time and you’re using as a distraction for the things you know you’re supposed to be doing. It’s a cycle. I know this. The better you recognize it though. The easier it’ll be to get out of it.

The editing process is better now.


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