Working a Job that isn’t Your Passion

It’s become harder and harder to find a job that fits in your career path. And if your career path is unconventional it’ll be all the more difficult. In the mean time you’ll have to make due with something to pay the bills. Usually those jobs aren’t that fun. What do you do in that kind of situation?

I’ve been in that kind of situation for a while now. For most of my life I’ve worked retail, food service, gas stations, etc. etc. Hourly wage type jobs that don’t pay too much and barely meets your needs. Not in spite of searching for bigger and better opportunities, hundreds of applications sent in. Hours of time spent writing, all the while I sit waiting. There is a temptation here to despair. The whole I’m not fulfilled. I’m better than this. My talents are going to waste. Thoughts have gone through my mind. I’ve been there. Dwelling in these thoughts made me a very angry person. That was a very tough year.

It’s turned around not because I looked at what I lack but what I have. Being grateful for what I have. Not just grateful of but grateful to. I’m grateful to G-d for what he has given me where I could be more broke, unemployed, homeless, alone etc. etc. etc.  I have all these things and more. I strive to get to a point where I’m in my preferred career path. I also ask G-d to help me see the things he’d have me do around me. That’d Jesus would help me see the beautiful things in his creation. My mind often gets preoccupied with the things I don’t have and that in turn can lead to a depression, anger, and resentment. I pray daily to see what he has for me in this part of my life. That’s something I’d recommend for you.


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