Some Thoughts on the Internet Petition to Get George Lucas to Direct Episode 9

When I saw episode 7 I was elated. Excited and eager to see episode 8 and I’m pretty sure I teared up a few times during the film. That said I never had that reaction to episode 1,2 or 3 all of which I saw in theaters. There are huge differences in these films most of which I’m not going to get into here. The number one difference of why these films have such a different feel is the Directors that have worked on them and their visions for the films. Those two directors are J.J. Abrams and George Lucas.

It’s an understatement to say that I’m a star wars fans. I was more raised on Star Wars. They were the first VHS’s that my parents bought. They were a large majority of the actions figures I had. They were a portion of the posters. They were also some of the more in depth conversations I had with my mother when I was very young like “could Luke ever go to the dark side?” Her response was remarkably serious to a six year old’s question. “Luke could never go to the dark side Michael. Never.”

That said there is a reverence for the original star wars films 4,5,6 and the man who created them. The praise for them and him is well deserved. Keeping that in mind watch episodes 1,2,3 and you can understand why fans battle back and forth Lucas the hero and Lucas the villain.

After seeing episode 7, I’m surprised to read that there is a vocal internet fan base that is petitioning to have Lucas direct episode 9, which is reaction to the announcement that Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow is slated to direct the film. Jurassic World, a film that generally isn’t highly praised.

I’m not surprised that fans want a different director. I am surprised that they’d choose Lucas. Something I’m not thrilled about. These dual perceptions of Lucas hero and villain come from different times in his life with differing tastes and sensibilities that have manifested themselves on his projects. The man who helped to make episodes 4,5, and 6 is long gone. He’s been smothered to death by jar-jar binks. He’s been deafened by his own bad dialogue. He’s been edited out for better cgi and acted over by terrible direction. A person who had a team who he was ready to hear from, has accepted the hype of his own personality from the adoring masses. Maybe that person is still in there somewhere, like the fleeting light that was in Darth Vader, but there’s no evidence of it. I think it’s unwise to bring him back to Star Wars. It’s insanity to think after all the long internet rants that he’d do something different.


One thought on “Some Thoughts on the Internet Petition to Get George Lucas to Direct Episode 9

  1. I agree. Lucas messed up too many times and he should keep his hands off these things now. And I think Trevorrow will do fine. Jurassic World got heat for the script mostly, which he was only partially involved with. He’s a capable director.

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