Rest in The Modern World

The world is becoming louder, busier, faster. It’s becoming more disorienting. As the work week increases in hours to meet the demands of the debt people have incurred in order to get the jobs so they won’t live in debt has become an ironic hamster wheel. Busyness has become a byword for virtue and importance. Being tired has become normative. People have believed that there is no time to stop.

I woke up today feeling awful. Not just awful, angry. Angry and spiteful and in my mind started to blame things for keeping me for getting rest. I had things I wanted to do today after all and I didn’t want to go through the day like a zombie.

Something clicked where I knew to stop my these thoughts and feelings and go to prayer. I said a little prayer and I got ready to drive my wife to work. Driving her to work a guy who was parked swerves out quickly and I have to swerve to the next lane to miss him. Thankfully nobody was in that lane and as I changed back this guy was zooming to the right lane. I got a glimpse of him and he looked non-cognizant. No look of concern, Just going about his business as if nothing happened. Naturally I was angry. Thinking that he was high or drunk or what have you.

Thinking about it now. It’s the perfect representation of this hamster-wheel mentality. You become Zombified. You don’t notice people around you. You’re solely focused on yourself. It’s dangerous and eventually you’ll be a danger to someone else.

I haven’t had a good rest in a while. You get so caught up in doing things that you forget to slow down. You feel cranky, tired, angry, numb in the brain etc etc. All the signs that you need to slow down and rest for the day.

The ancient Hebrews had a tradition called the Sabbath. The Sabbath they kept very seriously because of it’s mandate from G-d. Not as an arbitrary command but because the pull to work is great. The temptation for busyness is one that attempts to infiltrate every aspect of our lives and therefore the Sabbath needs to be guarded for our beings to be refreshed.

There’s a time to work and a time to turn everything off. The t.v., the cell phone, i-pod, i-pad, etc and focus on the creator. Pray, read the bible, relax, do an activity you love and enjoy the day. If you’re feeling that way I recommend take a Sabbath day.


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