A Revelatory Perspective on the 2016 Presdential Election

It’s been a long election, a really long election. I don’t know if any  other election has been this long, maybe it’s because I’ve been paying more attention. Maybe because it’s been a complete circus. I’m not sure, but the passage of time has been a slug on a sloth. It’s painful.

There’s been a lot of back and forth through media outlets about the two major political party candidates  Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. To say the very least I’m not thrilled about the choices. I’ve been finding myself getting really upset about the situation and what it means for the nation. I’m frustrated with the coverage and how people are talking about it.

It all came ahead while I was at my in-laws house and fox news was on. They were watching coverage of the latest polling. Bill’O Riley was making a simple binary between Obama’s America and Trumps’ hypothethical America ascribing blame to America’s troubles on the Obama Presidenticy. It made me so angry of the complex issues that were in existence for years in America being placed on one person’s shoulders. The arrogance of the statements made me furious. Even though I didn’t show it, within me was a fury.

I was upset about all of this. I went into prayer and asked God about it. Praying, “What do I do? This is driving me nuts!”

God then gave me a clear impression of a mountain being demolished. He then said, “Don’t worry about rulers and kings of nations for I am the King of Heaven.” It then made it painfully clear the perspective I was supposed to have.

Whatever happens doesn’t change my obligation to love exactly the same way as Jesus loves. It doesn’t change my identity in Christ and what he has done for me. It doesn’t change the good news or it’s ability to impact the world around me. There have been worse times than this for christians. In the very beginning of chrisitanity in Rome, when Nero was Emperor. He threw christians to the lions and used them as candles for his roads. In that time things didn’t go. They didn’t have an attitude that waited for the right political candidate. They never had the right one and yet they followed Jesus’ joyfully. It was a lot harder then and yet they had the stubborn faith that Jesus was more powerful than Caesar.

In this time I’d encourage you all with this. Whoever is the president doesn’t change the good news or it’s power to impact people. God is the same, yesterday today and forever. It doesn’t change our obligation to heal the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead. It doesn’t change our motivation to love as Jesus has loved. It doesn’t change our identity in Christ. And it doesn’t thwart God’s purposes since he is the King of Heaven.


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