On Cynicism

A little over a year ago God gave me a very striking image in my head. It was a knight raising his shield against a very large black dragon. The Dragon completely blocked out the sky. He was this tiny tiny dot in comparison. It then opened its mouth and breathed fire on his raised... Continue Reading →


On Faith

There's a type of rhetoric I don't like, which makes having faith in G-d seem irrational. It wins by a straw-man by defining faith as weakly as possible.  It goes like this people who have faith in God are delusional because faith is believing in spite of evidence or lack of evidence, belief without evidence... Continue Reading →

On Reason/Logic

There's a particular line of thinking that goes "we're the ones who use logic and reason. The people who oppose us don't. Therefore we're right." There's various ways of stating this argument. The problem is it's all rhetoric and no substance. It does nothing to address arguments and everything to distinguish the character of it's... Continue Reading →

Rest in The Modern World

The world is becoming louder, busier, faster. It's becoming more disorienting. As the work week increases in hours to meet the demands of the debt people have incurred in order to get the jobs so they won't live in debt has become an ironic hamster wheel. Busyness has become a byword for virtue and importance.... Continue Reading →

Globalization and Identity

The logical outcome of modernism is Globalization. The complex networking of nations through economic commerce creates a new cosmopolitan society. Though Peter Wagner brings up the issues surrounding globalization. He doesn’t bring up explicitly the identity that is created through globalization. This I’m calling the cosmopolitan identity. What I want to explore is the effects... Continue Reading →

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